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Mentorship Program


The Diwan Foundation Mentorship Program aims to give current Cornell students access to the rich, professional experiences of Cornell Muslim alumni so that current students can

  • refine their expectations of a given profession before dedicating themselves to a career path;
  • understand the operational breadth of a given profession;
  • get advice about how to tailor their candidacies for professional schools or navigate the real-world job market;
  • arrange internships and other pre-professional experiences to gain exposure and improve qualifications.


To launch the program, Diwan is assembling alumni willing to be “mentors” in the 7 most common professions for Muslims: Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Finance, Law, Business, and Islamic Studies. 1 paragraph bios of mentors in each group will be made available to students. In these bios, the mentors may choose to highlight what is unique about their professional pursuit or their path to it.

Students seeking guidance will submit their questions to the Program, which will be forwarded to the appropriate mentoring group. Every mentor in the group will have the option of responding to the student personally. Students may take the answers at face value, or choose to develop deeper relationships with any number of mentors.

The Mentorship Program will evolve over time as we collect more mentors and students increasingly access them.

Why be a mentor?

You’re at a good place in life. You’ve navigated one path to get there. You’ve learned what to do and what not to do along the way. You can make sure other students don’t have to learn those lessons the hard way. You’re perfect to help students find a profession that’s right for them.

Share your knowledge with current students at Cornell and help ease their transition from university life to the professional world. Please fill in the form below to volunteer.




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