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Ramadan Fund History

The first call for alumni to sponsor iftaars on campus went out during Ramadan, 2008. The message to students was clear: "While you are away from home for higher purpose, your alumni family is with you. When you leave Cornell to serve the world, remember those who follow you."

Approximately 50% of iftaars were sponsored that year. Since then, the iftaar sponsorship campaign has become an annual tradition, with the number of nights sponsored as well as alumni participating growing every year.

In Ramadan, 2011, Diwan approached parents of current students for the first time, and they responded. In part because Ramadan entered the summer session, supporters gave more than was needed. Diwan established the Ramadan Fund with the surplus. This fund will be used exclusively to sponsor Ramadan and 'Eid programming on campus.

The Ramadan Fund is open for donations throughout the entire year.




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