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Upcoming Events

Iftaar sponsorship campaign. This campaign asks for alumni to sponsor iftaars on campus so students away from home may enjoy the blessings of gathering that is so integral to Ramadan. The campaign will launch 3 weeks before fasting begins, or ~ June 24th. Get in the mood to give.

2nd Annual NYC Cornell Muslim Alumni iftaar. Last year was a first. This year will make it a tradition. The date is July 12th. BUY YOUR TICKET NOW! (Seats sold out last year).

1st Annual Chicago Cornell Muslim Alumni iftaar. Will our alums in the Windy City get together over Chicago-style pizza? Stay tuned for date and venue… not to mention the menu!

1st Annual Bay Area Cornell Muslim Alumni iftaar. This year we aim to pull together Cornell Muslim alumni in Californ-I-A! Stay tuned for date and venue.




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