City Reps

Our alumni community is spread across the United States with a smaller number living in cities as far away as Pakistan, Japan and Malaysia. 

Whether you’d like to join the next meet-up or organize a dinner of your own, write to your closest City Rep and get connected to your local alumni community.  

To get alerts for events close to where you live, make sure you keep your latest address updated in our database. You can find events close to you on our “Events Near You” page.

Update Your Location

Rep: Mohamed Ismail. ’12
[email protected]

New York City
Rep: Raihan Faroqui '10, Ihsan Kabir '14
[email protected]

Washington DC
Rep: Fariha A. ‘05
[email protected]

Rep: Fatima I. ‘05
[email protected]

Rep: Khairul A. ‘08
[email protected]

Looking to represent your city?

We’re on the lookout for City Reps on the West Coast and in cities globally where a sizeable group of alumni are now based. Email [email protected] if you’re interested!

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