Cornell Muslim Alumni


What is Cornell Muslim Alumni?

Cornell Muslim Alumni (CMA) is a social and professional network for Muslim alumni of Cornell University to connect with each other virtually and through events such as socials, iftaars and professional networking sessions.

CMA is the face of Muslim alumni to Muslim students at Cornell who want to reach out of the alumni community. In this way, CMA also allows alumni to be aware of and support worthy programmes that enhance Muslim life for students on campus. 

The programmes that we support through alumni donations include:

The Muslim Life Fund, and Ramadan & Eid Funds are managed by The Diwan Foundation, the fundraising vehicle dedicated to supporting Muslim Life programming at Cornell.

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How it is run?

CMA functions as a network rather than a legally-incorporated entity. We “exist” on this website, and through presence on Facebook and LinkedIn

This network is only as strong as the number of alumni we are connected to, so we consistently reach out to Muslim alumni who are not part of this network yet. Help us reach out to your alumni members you know by contacting our Outreach team

Since a lot of work is still required to manage a website and social media presence, the Board of Directors of The Diwan Foundation currently help to administer CMA’s online presence. You can find out more about Diwan here.

What’s the difference between CMA and The Diwan Foundation?

Cornell Muslim Alumni is a social and professional network of Muslim alumni of Cornell University.  

The Diwan Foundation is the fundraising vehicle dedicated to supporting Muslim Life programming at Cornell. Diwan was founded by Muslim alumni of Cornell University and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit federally tax-exempt organization. All contributions to this site are processed by Diwan.

About our Logo

The Cornell Muslim Alumni logo is inspired by intersections; the intersection of our lives at Cornell, the intersection of academic and personal, the intersection of secular and religious, and the intersection of past and present.

The archyway that frames the logo brings back memories of the Cornell campus; walkways and windows we passed on countless occasions. The arch is also a very symbol of Islamic architecture and history. Through the arch, we see McGraw Tower - one of the most recognizable symbols of Cornell. The crossing pathways at the bottom represent our lives criss-crossing during our years at Cornell. The pattern also creates the letters "M" and "A" (Muslim Alumni). While the history and legacy of both Cornell and Islam are represented, the line art style creates a fresh and contemporary logo, perfectly at home with the current Cornell logo.


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