What does a Chaplain do?


Job Description

The hiring of the Muslim chaplain will be managed by The Diwan Foundation. Diwan was created by Muslim alumni of Cornell University as a means of supporting Muslim life at Cornell. Diwan seeks to enrich the Cornell experience for Muslims by providing programming and services, while also serving as a resource for all Cornellians on matters pertaining to Islam. Diwan will also work closely with Cornell United Religious Work (CURW) to promote interfaith dialogue. 

The Diwan Foundation seeks a Muslim chaplain who will serve as the point-person for organizing and coordinating religious, spiritual and social activities for Muslims on campus, and will add meaningfully to the support system for students, be they Muslims or non-Muslim. The chaplain will also serve as a liaison to the Cornell faculty, staff and administration and support the ecumenical vision and practice of CURW.

The successful candidate must have experience and ability in relating to all college students and be comfortable working in a multi-faith, multi-cultural and gender-conscious environment. The chaplain will be expected to perform necessary administrative functions, formulate and review informational and educational materials, prepare written reports, conduct professional meetings and participate fully in CURW activities.

The position will require that the chaplain be available evenings and weekends to accommodate student concerns. The candidate must also be comfortable ministering to all self-identifying Muslims, irrespective of denomination and religiosity, as well as offering guidance to non-Muslims in times of personal crisis.

Principal duties and responsibilities

  • Provide leadership for, and engage in outreach to, Muslim students, faculty and staff through the development and coordination of student-focused religious, social and cultural programs.
  • Provide active pastoral presence for Cornell’s Muslim students, irrespective of denomination and religiosity, especially in the areas of spiritual care.
  • Advocate for the Cornell Muslim community by serving as a liaison to the Cornell faculty, staff and administration, as well as giving voice to the needs of Muslims (and other spiritual groups as appropriate) both intra- and extramurally.
  • Maintain regular communication with Muslim students and provide appropriate mentorship and guidance, especially in the development of student leadership skills.
  • Uphold the Cornell United Religious Work Covenant and the values of the Cornell community.
  • Provide ongoing assessments of Muslim life on campus, including regular program evaluations, benchmarking and annual reports.

Education and experience

  • Required: Bachelors degree, and Master of Divinity degree or graduate education in Islamic chaplaincy.
  • Required: Native or near-native fluency in English.
  • Preferred: Experience in ministry and counseling in a North American higher education system.


Salary commensurate with experience. Full benefits package.

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